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Beware of Puppy Brokers!!!

This information is for both Puppy buyers and unsuspecting breeders.  When contacting a breeder, Puppy Brokers are people who pose as someone who wants to add a new little family member to their home.  They lie and scheme to get puppies at good prices, especially tiny tea cup size puppies.  They will sometimes want to purchase more than one puppy to get a better price.  They will want photos with no frames, or logos so that they can then put those puppies on their own website and photoshop them in an attempt to make them unrecognizable to the original breeder.  They will then turn around and sell the breeder's puppies to unsuspecting puppy buyers for sometimes more than double what they paid for them.  They will contact breeders from blocked  phone numbers or email them through breeder sites such as puppyfind.  Even when you answer their questions, they will not reply directly to your emails, instead going through the breeder site for every single email in order to attempt to keep from being traced.  One such Broker recently contacted me.  She contacted me from a blocked phone number. She then emailed me and I was able to get her name.  I searched and found this information... It is public record, and available to anyone on the internet.  http://www.ripoffreport.com/pet-shops-supplies/tiniest-teacup-world/tiniest-teacup-world-tiniest-t-d10d3.htm

I wanted to make sure it was the same person so I had a friend email her asking for a puppy like the one she was trying to purchase from me.  She immediately put a deposit on my puppy without me even agreeing to sell it to her (which I promptly refunded) and told my friend that she was in luck, she did have such a puppy and described the exact puppy that I had just sent her photos of and that she had just placed a deposit on.  My puppy was priced at $1200 and she was going to sell it to my friend for $2999.00, pick the puppy up from me on March 1, and ship it to my friend on March 2.  I confronted her.   She admitted what she was doing, and said "  Maybe we could help each other out"  .  I told her that I didn't sell to Brokers, period and in the end, she apologized for "  wasting my time."   Then, in the next day or two I received a phone call from a gentleman who was interested in the same puppy.  He was from the same area and I was suspicious. I explained to him what had happened to me the day before and he assured me that he was in no way connected to this person.  I agreed to sell him the puppy on the condition that I drive all the way to the Phoenix area to deliver her so that I could see where she was going.  He agreed, until I told him that he had to fill out a contract.  At that point, I still did not have his name.  He had sent every email to me through puppyfind.  Then he accidentally hit reply to tell me that they had changed their mind and I got his name....  Derling G*****  I wrote him back and told him to tell this  person to STOP trying to get my puppy to sell to some unsuspecting puppy buyer for more than double what I was asking.  He called me paranoid and crazy saying there was a million people with his last name in the Phoenix area.  I went back to that rip off report and read it even more carefully and sure enough, towards the end, I found his name as the former owner of the her property address.  While there may be millions of people with his last name in the Phoenix area, I was quite sure there was not more than one "  Derling"

Note to Puppy Buyers

Watch out for these brokers.  They are master scam artists.  After all, if they told the truth to the breeders, they wouldn't have any puppies to sell.  They have to lie to the breeders to get the puppies in the first place, then they lie to the customers, because if the customer knew that they only paid half of what the broker was asking to purchase the puppy from a legitimate breeder, they could save themselves money.  They try to make you believe that they are the breeders of these beautiful tiny babies.  They will quite often have several toy breeds on their website.  This is a big red flag. In many cases, the photos of these puppies don't look natural.  They aren't because they are photoshopped so that the puppy looks almost like a tiny toy. Good quality breeders will breed only one breed, sometimes two different breeds.  Multiple breeds means one of two things... Broker or Puppy Mill.  They may also have several different web sites... one for each toy breed.  They will claim that the sell to celebrities.  There is a broker site that sells puppies out of Ft Lauderdale FL as well that makes these claims.  The site is very similar to the Tea Cup site that this other woman has in Arizona.  These Brokers know nothing about the background or the lines of the puppies that they sell.  They may get their puppies from puppy mills in large quantities cheap.  They may just search for puppies being sold for under market value for what ever reason to purchase then take a huge mark up on them. 

Breeders invest a lot of time, love and money into their breeding programs.  They stay up all night with their mama's in labor.  They get up sometime every 2 hours at night to feed or supplement a puppy who is not thriving.  They invest thousands of dollars into their dogs, not only for the purchase of the dogs, but on testing, vetting, shots, dew claw removals, c sections, toys, treats, food, beds, crates, carriers, grooming supplies and the list goes on and on.  These opportunistic parasite Brokers invest nothing.  For them, it's just a quick turn over and a quick buck.. in most cases, hundreds of quick bucks.  They rip off and lie to both the unsuspecting breeders (no good breeder would ever knowingly sell to a broker) and to the customer who has no idea that as little as 24 hours earlier, this Broker paid 1/2 of what they are being asked to pay for this cute little puppy.






All of these websites listed above belong to Shelly Perreault, Maricopa Arizona.. she claims to be from Phoenix which is close to Maricopa.  Late 2013, she purchased 2 dogs from a breeder friend of mine using the name Maryanne. There may be even more websites and I will update if I find them. These beautiful pups were already spayed, and one had a tongue that stuck out so she was discounted.  Pups were discounted further because the woman claimed she wanted the two of them to stay together.. grow up together and they were to be pets for her family, including her 6 year old daughter who was 4 at the time she attempted to purchase one of my puppies. The breeder believed that these 2 babies, were going to a wonderful pet home and were going to remain together.  That is every breeders dream... and we discount heavily because we like to know they will have companions.  Here are those very puppies, that she is trying to sell on You Tube...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4dYCUuc2b8  and here is a copy of the ad for one of the puppies on Puppyfind  The second puppy sadly had already been sold when this ad was discovered.  This puppy was marked up 6.5 times what the purchase price was for her.  The website she has listed in the puppyfind ad is Star Posh Puppies with a phone number of  888-274-9004.. but this puppy is not listed anywhere on this website.. instead, we found her on the first website listed above.. www.tiniestteacupppuppies.com  with a phone number of 1-866-706-8287.  She goes to great lengths to hide who she is because reputable breeders DO NOT SELL TO BROKERS!!! Who ever purchased the other puppy in the You Tube video, sadly paid dearly for that puppy.  She claims on her website that she is the breeder of these puppies, but she does nothing more than scout out pups that have been discounted for one reason or another (when she tried to do it to me, we were going to be going on vacation, and I didn't want our dog sitter to be responsible for puppies as well, so the puppy that I had was discounted)  and she turns around and at the very least doubles the price on them and represents herself as the breeder scaming buyers into thinking that she has cared for these babies since birth.. She says the reason she does not have the parents on the premises is that family members have them.. Truth is, she nor her family have any of these dogs.. the puppies are strictly money for her.. and she turns around and lists them for sale immediately. 

I never had the pleasure of actually meeting this woman, however my friend did.. The woman has long brown hair.. possibly part hispanic.  The daugher who she uses in her scam is currently 6 years old and appears to be hispanic.  She is from the Phoenix area..