T-Cup N' Up 
Imperial Shih Tzu
These puppies are too young to evaluate and price at this time.  
Once they are old enough, they will be moved to the 
Available Imperial Shih Tzu Baby Girls or 
Available Imperial Shih Tzu Baby Boys Pages
Pups will be placed on this page once they are born.  Their photos will be updated at aproximately 2 weeks old after their eyes open. Puppy photos will be updated every one to two weeks after that.  Those that are on my wait list will be contacted when pups are born then again at 6 weeks old.  Deposits are accepted at 6 weeks old.  It is up to you to stay in contact with me during the first 6 weeks and be prepared to place your deposit at 6 weeks.   I reserve the right to 1st pick of any litter.  Any puppies that deposits are not received on at 6 weeks old will be moved to the available boys or girls puppy pages and listed as available.  I have quite a few people waiting for puppies at this time so it will be up to you to follow their progress, stay in touch and get your deposits to me when I am ready to price and accept deposits. Those on my wait list will be given the opportunity to place their deposits in the order in which they are on my list.

See our upcoming litter's page for expected litters.

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Rosie (7.25lb) & Saki (5.75lb)
had one beautiful baby boy 
Sunday September 13, 2020 
Reba (5.75lb) & Cash (4.5lb)
Born Sept 23, 2020
One Boy & One Girl