Purchase Information

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Imperial Shih Tzu Babies, please contact me, Dee Dee at 
dee-dee@t-cup-n-up-imperial-shihtzu.com or call me at 928-377-9158. 

We do not accept deposits/holding fee's until the puppy is moved to the available page and priced.  If you see a puppy on our nursery page that you are interested in, contact me and I will put you on the wait list.  Once the pups are old enough to be evaluated and priced, I will contact those on the wait list in the order in which they are on the list so they can put their holding fee on the puppy of their choice and view their puppy in person.  I do not believe in taking a holding fee on a puppy that isn't even born yet or before you can even tell what the quality or size will be in order to "   Lock a customer in"    to purchasing a puppy from me.  Many breeders will do this and if the pup you wanted (girl, boy, color, size etc) isn't produced, they keep your deposit and put it towards another litter that may or may not have even been born.  In the mean time, you may find the puppy of your dreams with another breeder but your money is tied up waiting on a puppy from the original breeder that she may never produce.  Those deposits are non refundable and you may be forced to choose something that you didn't really want just to keep from losing your deposit.  


A holding fee, or deposit is NON REFUNDABLE!!!  Holding a puppy and making unavailable for purchase by someone else is a service that is provided to the customer in order that the puppy of their choice not be sold to someone else during the time between when the holding fee is received and the time the puppy is paid in full and ready to be sent home.  It costs the breeder money to hold a puppy especially if that puppy is already old enough to go to it's new home.  During this time, the breeder is still caring for, cleaning up after, feeding and providing vaccines to this puppy and as a puppy gets older, they can become harder to sell and when someone cancels on a puppy that has been held, the breeder may have to reduce the price because the puppy is now older.  This fee is earned by the breeder by providing the service of holding this puppy.  This holding fee is then applied to the purchase price of the puppy once the puppy is ready to go to it's new home.  PLEASE BE SURE WHEN YOU PLACE A HOLDING FEE/DEPOSIT ON A PUPPY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO FOLLOW THROUGH.  THIS FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  

 If a puppy is determined to be breeding quality, breeding rights may be available to select breeders for an additional fee.  Fee for breeding rights is between $500 and $1000 in addition to the price of the puppy.  Since only the very best dogs should be bred, not every puppy is considered breeding quality and not every breeder will be considered for breeding rights. Most puppies are sold as pets on a spay/neuter contract.  Puppies must be a minimum of 8  to 12 weeks old before they can go to their new homes but sometimes they need to stay a little longer depending on size and how well they are eating dry kibble.  After we determine that the puppy that you are interested in will be a member of your family, down load and print the purchase agreement and guarantee.  Please read it!!  If you have any questions about any part of it, discuss it with me.  Fill it out with the terms that we have agreed and send the contract with your holding fee. I have a separate contract for puppies sold with breeding rights.  Holding fee and payments can be made via Pay Pal, Money Transfer, postal money order or Cash.  For all forms of payment except Pay Pal or Money Transfer, payments must be made 2 weeks before shipping to allow for time for payment to clear.  Contract can be filled out in person, faxed, mailed with payment or scanned and emailed. Holding fee is 1/3 of the purchase price which will be applied towards the purchase price of your puppy and the balance must be received in full, by 8 weeks old including shipping costs and in time to clear before scheduled ship date.  Holding fee is NON REFUNDABLE if you change your mind for any reason.  If unforeseen circumstances prevent me from being able to deliver the puppy that you chose,  the holding fee can be applied to the purchase of another puppy of your choice or a refund will be issued.

Please Remember!!
Purchasing a puppy is a commitment.  Average life span of a toy size dog is 12 to 16 years old.  Are you prepared to provide a home for this baby for life?  

Pricing Information~

Several factors go into pricing our puppies.  We raise Quality Tiny Imperial Shih Tzu puppies.  We invest a LOT of time and money in our dogs.  Naturally, the smaller females, produce fewer pups than a standard Shih Tzu female.  Average 2 to 3 pups per litter compared to 6 to 8 from a standard size Shih Tzu.  This alone affects the price of the pups.  In order to cover the same cost prices will be higher if there are fewer pups.  A Standard Shih Tzu puppy, at 8 weeks is on average 3 to 4 pounds and they are ready for new homes.  Our tiny Imperial Shih Tzu Puppies at 8 weeks are on average 1 to 2 pounds with many of them not reaching 2 pounds until they are about 12 weeks old.  We keep our babies on average 4 to 8 weeks LONGER than you would need to keep a standard size Shih Tzu puppy.  More time, more care, more laundry..... The smaller the puppy is tracking to be, generally, the higher the price, however size is not the only factor in pricing a puppy.  Confirmation is very important and we look for several things when determining the price of a puppy.  As the pup gets older, we may raise or lower the price as the pup can be more accurately evaluated.  If you place a NON-refundable deposit on a puppy, the price will NOT go up even if the pup is turning out to be smaller, or better quality than we first determined.  We NEVER price puppies before about 6 weeks old.  Before that it is impossible to determine an ACCURATE estimate of adult size. The older a puppy gets, the better able we are to determine quality and size.  If you see breeders with puppies priced at birth, walk away.  You cannot determine, size, bite quality, weather or not they will have a hernia, eye white, or confirmation at birth.  Even at 6 weeks old, you are just starting to get an idea of the puppy's over all quality.  Sizing is just an educated estimate.  We CANNOT GUARANTEE the adult size of a puppy.  We base our estimate on several factors, such as size of parents, grandparents, past litters from the same lines and of course, the current size the puppy is tracking to be.   Diet and exercise can affect the end result.  Too many table scraps and not enough exercise can turn what should have been a 5 pound dog into a 7 pound little sausage.  


Once you have seen your new puppy and placed a deposit on that puppy, he/she will be held till they are a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks old sometimes longer depending on size and their ability to eat dry kibble.  All puppies will be up to date on vaccines and will have been on a regular worming schedule.  Puppies can either be picked up by you or someone you designate, or they can be hand delivered to your home if local, or to your nearest major airport if you are out of the area.  I will personally drive up to 200 miles to meet you with your puppy for a small fee to cover gas.  

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